Patrick Blair September 8, My email was a mess for some time as a result of all the changes. Not surprisingly PING offered up a couple of very strong, well-round performers for our test. Nevertheless, transitioning to and from either after hitting anything else was clearly an issue for our testers. Vincent Pascal November 15,

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I have found this driver out performs just about any clubhead wishon 919 I wisbon fit. One of the best component companies around. Then when you add on the bendable hosel of our in its different loft model versions, you can also offer a golfer any loft from 8 to 16, with any face angle from 4 open to wishon 919 closed with any lie angle from 4 up to 4 flat — ALL THREE SPECS existing on the same head.

MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver Test – Beyond the Numbers

All during the downswing the head is rotating around and not traveling through the air with the face pointing directly at wishon 919 air flow. Theoretically if a weight were wishon 919 now be inserted into the hosel it would slide right down to the bottom of the head,but that is not happening! The question of what exact shaft model and flex a wishon 919 should use is one that cannot be accurately answered by email.

Tom, keep up the incredible work with Wishon Golf! But if the spin shots were very high and then dropping steeply down then that wishon 919 mean too much spin. Just to say what a great driver.

Are single-length wishon 919 for real?. The S2S White certainly has been a very good selection for golfers with a midway release and average amount of force in their swing transition and wisuon. But since the had been wishln the product line for so long and from its original wishon 919 done with the SP alloy for the face, we just plain missed it on changing that website specs sheet.


And my distance is on par or at worst 1 yd or so behind my big name driver that begins with C and has an Alpha in its name. Shaft wishon 919 steel Satin Rifle Project X stiff flex.

Wishon Golf | eBay

I hit a lot of drivers in Demo days so I know what else is wishon 919 there and there wishon 919 nothing that I have ever hit that feels this solid. I happen to work part time at a big box store doing the club repairs and I work with a lot of off the wishob equipment.

Ernie Hughes February 28, Dave S 5 years ago. As long as the Accra Shaft has a tip diameter of 0. So with this info, you could get on a good launch monitor, wishon 919 with the settings on the adj hosel device, hit shots and see what setting with your address position would result in what launch angle.

The one word wishon 919 is steady. Peter August 21, I have a 9 degree but was looking to wishon 919 an 11 degree and wisyon it even shorter Tom Wishon April 11, wwishon The website description says it can be bent 4. But it would not really have much of any effect on the CG for the main reason because to even get that loft change, you have to hover the head off the ground while turning the face to square. Thanks and the very wishon 919 wishes to wishkn in this great game!!

Last Drivers  SAVIN C2824 DRIVER

Ollie did a nice job with the head.

wishon 919 We will be adding a 4 hybrid and 4 iron to the single length set, but they are in development and not likely to be seen wishon 919 ready for this season. After the factory injects the sticky glue through the hole at the bottom of the weight bore, they tamp a small plastic stopper plug down into the bottom of the weight bore to close off this open hole.

Rob Wheeler June 29, This is a critical thing to know when trying to assess adjustable hosel drivers to try to ascertain just what the loft really is at address. He is without question one of the very best and most knowledgeable clubfitters in wishon 919 whole world, and I am not exaggerating when I wishon 919 that.

It was built a little longer than I typically would hit but I hit a wishin consistent straight but very low ball flight. Wishon 919 this is a slight increase in MOI only and the bulk of the off center hit forgiveness of the wishoj from the variable thickness face and not the little bit higher MOI.

With a tall vertically flat wishon 919 what happens on the higher face hit is that the lower spin needs a little higher launch angle to keep the ball in the air long enough for proper carry distance.