In fact, sometimes when I close excel and open it back up, I can refresh the tables fine. See the “References” section of this article for more information on reconfiguring an MDAC installation. However I was able to match them up with those on a working windows 7 PC. I have a few excel docs where I create a web query and pull data ‘From Web’. I’ve tried repairing excel. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. I’ve tried completely rebuilding this file.

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This resolved my issue in 30 seconds. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

setup routines for sql native client odbc driver could not be found

I went to a number of different pages most of them official MS sites that had the “answer,” none of which worked. For additional information, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: I tried system restore.

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Wednesday, July 25, 4: Office Office Exchange Server. Press if Helpful; Answer when a problem solved. Hi windows 7 machine. Thursday, July 26, 7: Reinstall your current version of MDAC, or install the latest version. Any help here would be massively appreciated. Remove From My Forums.


I can do some things and perhaps understand more than the average Joe off the street, but when – more to the point, IF – The setup routines for the sql native client odbc find something that seems like it might be what I need, I worry that if I download something, installing it may make things worse and I’d never be able to backtrack out of it.

I looked at the thread you mentioned and the resolution suggestion that I found there, was: Excel IT Pro Discussions.

Proposed as answer by Jetboy2k Wednesday, July 03, 7: See the “References” section of this article for more information on reconfiguring an MDAC installation. I have had this machine for about a year?

System DSN error

Hi, it took me a while to the setup routines for the sql native client odbc the issue – but here is the solution: Hi kim, Could you please have a look at this similar thread: I don’t know if the two problems are intertwined, but I connnect to sql server r2 and it’s very slow, but also, after a few substantial queries returning several thousand records – I realize that I don’t really need that many but sometimes I forget to qualify the query or some such thing – the system just freezes up and I have to force it to close, so, of course I lose the ad hoc queries I was doing to figure out whatever it was that I was trying to figure out.


Friday, February 17, 4: Wednesday, July 25, 2: Here is a more thorough explanation of my issue: This seemed to do the trick. When neccesary, I hit refresh on the XML table and get the new, updated data. Check name of driver in ADO string. I’ve tried completely rebuilding this file.

System DSN error

Sign in to vote. Wednesday, July 03, 7: HI Stephanie thanks for your reply to my question. I’m usually pretty good at troubleshooting excel – often with help from this forum – but I can’t seem to crack this one.

The data is in XML tables in my docs. The big mistake I made was using CCCleaner, which “repaired” my registry, but I failed to backup said registry.