Setup Utility Function While the tablet PC is starting up and the Compaq logo is displayed and a cursor is flashing in the upper right corner of the screen, press the Esc button to open the Setup utility. The reset function can be used to restore functionality when the system has become unresponsive. At the default setting, the jog dial scrolls line by line like the up and down arrow keys on a standard keyboard. How does HP install software and gather data? If you a new user and don’t know where any of the buttons are or what they are for this is a problem. For example, press Ctrl on either keyboard, then the Esc button, to display the Windows Start menu.

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Tab Button Press the Tab button manually to enter the tab command as you would by pressing Tab on a standard keyboard. Press inward to simulate the function of enter on a standard keyboard.

The default email application is Microsoft Outlook Express. The optional HP W Journal Launch Button Activate the Journal launch button with the pen tip to open the Journal application.

Debian on an HP/Compaq tc1100 tablet PC

Quickly and easily detaches from the case and the keyboard for use as a Slate. The Tab button can be used with or without the on-screen keyboard or an optional keyboard.

The Q menu provides quick access to programmable tasks and destinations including: Q menu, and external pen activated buttons on the tablet allow you do do anything you need quickly and easily. Unlike a convertible when the tc is closed the face of the tablet is exposed and not protected so a case is a must.


Easy to take apart and put back together this Hybrid Tablet PC is a great choice for the road warrior or anyone who move around a lot.

An optional Tablet PC eraser pen will we available in April The jog dial can be set to scroll page by page like page up and page down on a standard keyboard or three lines at a time like a mouse wheel using the Tablet and Pen Settings option nutton Windows.

The default Web browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Journal application is a handwriting program unrelated to the Journal feature in Microsoft Outlook.

Tc Options and accessories click here. With clear blue sky’s and butto in the high 50’s and low 60’s the skiing was great until about 1: I am a big fan of tethered pen because it ensures they don’t get lost. This stylish set delivers the convenience, comfort, and elegance of wireless keyboard and optical mouse operation to the computer desktop. The Email launch button cannot be reprogrammed.

But I recommend buying the TC or any slate model Tablet with the docking station if you can. Press the Esc tf1100 to open the Setup utility or to use the Esc button like Esc on a standard keyboard.

Key simulations such as Capture Screen, which functions like Print Scrn.

For example, press Alt on either keyboard, then the tab button, to display and select among all open applications. Windows Security Button Security Button: When the tablet PC is reset, the tablet PC restarts and all unsaved information is lost.


Debian GNU/Linux on an HP/Compaq tc tablet PC

Please try again shortly. If you a new user and don’t know where any of the buttons are or what they are for this is a problem. Rotate upward or downward to scroll toward the top or bottom of an image. External pen activated icons and programmable”Q” Menu give you instant access to everything you need.

Esc Button Esc Button: Also worth noting, if its slightly overcast outside I can see the screen well enough to work from the upstairs outside balcony so I am not trapped in the house for lack of an indoor outdoor screen.

For example, if the image is in landscape view, activate the rotate button to rotate the image to portrait view.

Jog dial Press or rotate manually to enter commands or scroll vertically: What’s In The Box: After your Internet or network service is set up, the email launch button opens the default email application. The Tab button can be combined with keystrokes on the on-screen keyboard or an optional rc1100.