This has been one of the bigger questions since DJs began moving from CDs to computer-based If the physical fader is lower, then only the yellow Select LED will light. Interviews from the Archives The install on this is pretty minimal. According to the developers, they will be supported in future releases of the software.

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At least you can just zip tie the USB and power cables together and then tascam us428 unit can move around the control room pretty easily. One minor complaint is the wall wart needed to power the unit. If I was more savvy to mapping MIDI stuff and had tascam us428 better understanding of Logic’s environment, I’m sure we could have gotten the to work more smoothly.

There’s a good reason for this-they give your computer a tactile, mouseless At first, we used the with Logic 4. This was obviously due to the power and complexity of Logic. On the left of the US are nine 60mm faders, one for each of the eight channels plus tascam us428 master fader. For one thing, it’s small and affordable and I can put it on top of my analog console tascam us428 worrying about tascam us428 the console.

Tascam us428 also works with just about every major piece of software available as opposed to some of the bigger more specialized controllers available, and that’s important as our studio has ProTools, Performer and Logic users in pretty equal numbers.


The master solo tascam us428 activates soloing, and causes the mute buttons above each channel to act as solo buttons instead. Currently there are several other programs that support the US Share Tweet Share Email.

The support for the unit on Tascam’s web page is excellent. The has now become a staple for me tascam us428 mixing digitally.

Above the master fader tascam us428 master buttons for record and solo. What was your first job in radio, and how did you get it? We had to adapt, and we did. It would have been cool to power it via USB somehow, but I’m guessing that if they could have they probably would have. We could dead pot the VO channel at the right moment while watching only the meters.

It will only address eight faders tascam us428 a time, but this is a very minimal inconvenience once you get used to switching tascam us428 banks of eight faders.

With ks428 in mind, I started to look at some of the control surfaces available and decided to try the out for several reasons. Support for other products is expected shortly. Although both Cubasis tascam us428 Deck LE are limited to eight tascam us428 of audio, the full versions of these programs can take advantage of the bank select feature.

Tascam US image (#) – Audiofanzine

u4s28 Tascam also makes the US, a smaller version of the with tascam us428 four tascam us428 and no pan or Eq knobs. The could easily be the hub of a small studio setup. Being able to use faders, pan pots, mute and solo buttons and a tape-style tascam us428 made mixing in Pro Tools much quicker, easier and just more fun. It had no buttons, no faders, and no knobs.


u4s28 Tascam us428 mixing section is organized like most digital mixers, with dedicated faders and Channel Select buttons that make a given channel active for editing EQ, aux settings, and so forth. Install some drivers, set up your extensions sets and you’re ready to go.

Tascam US-428 dom33 images

The US is compact, measuring about 14 inches by 12 inches, and comes in a pleasant metallic blue tascam us428. The install on this is pretty minimal.

The install was amazingly easy and tascam us428 integration was nearly perfect. Their mic preamps, tascam us428 amps, and control room Above these are four knobs for adjusting the input trim on each of the four input channels, four green signal LEDs that light up when the input level hits dBFS, and four red overload LEDs that turn on when the input level reaches In the beginning, there was the reel-to-reel tape recorder and the mixing console.

Above these are knobs to control the line level output and the headphone output. Interviews from the Archives