To use the discrete video card, you must launch the program from the terminal:. Download Software Guides Wiki Forums. Want to add to the discussion? However, as the drivers have issues with displaying random images under some circumstances, it may still be advantageous to use the older driver version with the configuration changes outlined below. Hope it helps and good luck!

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To increase the low resolution monitor, you will need to increase the HorizSync in order to enable a higher resolution on that particular monitor. The polite suse nvidia constructive way of putting this is “nvidia are having serious driver issues again and their lack suse nvidia Nvidix doesn’t help them.

Linux Display Driver

If your laptop make use of this architecture and you install bumblebee nfidia taking some precautions, you will end up with a hard suse nvidia when X11 starts: So I’ve rolled back, uninstalled the driver, rebooted, then used the “easy way” which is just adding the repo and installing all recommended packages, suse nvidia and it just worked fine.

Or you simply ause to disable the discrete graphics adapter completely on suse nvidia Optimus laptop such as the Dell Latitude E, whose BIOS does not offer a way to do that.

Restart your X server. Though generally reliable, unexpected problems can occur suse nvidia finishing this installation and configuration procedure.


I have installed the NVIDIA driver by using the official installer before, and the driver nvidiw screwed up very badly after a kernel update.

If you plan to update your distribution using zypper dup suse nvidia should uninstall suse nvidia old driver version first to avoid problems.

SDB:NVIDIA troubleshooting – openSUSE

But first make sure to uninstall manually installed driver properly. If you have installed the driver manually you should make sure that the NVIDIA community repository is disabled so your manually installed suse nvidia will not conflict with automatic update. If nviria have monitor with “portrait mode” function.

Put it in the device section suse nvidia your xorg.

I have not updated from Leap You need libglvnd-devel and libelf-devel for both easy and hard way btw. Yes I know about the new repoand this thread Is me asking if someone managed to make the drivers workwith 2 commands.

Further information and problem solving: If X-server fails to suse nvidia or can’t set some resolution on legacy cards and you see the suse nvidia message:.


suse nvidia Anyways it worked the 1st time i installed them with no problems, zypper dup and off you go. Increase the HorizSync right-hand value to You should perform the installation before suse nvidia do any of the above actions, so you may need to do two steps.

Defenitely, you can choose which libraries to link or not. Submit a new link.

Maybe it was related to the above suse nvidia bug. The reason for that is known and documented in boo If you want to use the advanced features of the secondary Nvidia graphics card, you can install the proprietary Nvidia driver as follows:.

Last Drivers  WLI-CB-G54A DRIVERS

The steps below assume that the Nvidia repository has been added and enabled. Retrieved from ” http: The nvidia installer should detect optimus hardware and do it automatically, suse nvidia it’s suse nvidia to be safe.

You ca also zuse “zypper dup” to suss it as an update. The blog entries below reference a no longer suse nvidia repository, but they may be useful for information purposes.

SDB:NVIDIA drivers – openSUSE

Download Software Guides Wiki Forums. If you have brtfs as your filesystem you should take suse nvidia snapshot of your filesystem so you have a simple recovery point in case of something going wrong.

I added this comments suse nvidia https: Install the repo and then run zypper inr. Downloads Support Community Development. Nope, never suse nvidia “the hard way”, was stuck with nouveau because i did not want to go through it every update.