Yes; as I understand it also, that line simply backups up what is already installed on your machine. Still this version was not tested by me but I am happy if you leave a comment about your experiences. I looked over the site you told me about. Was about to abandon Linux. I’m using Fedora 23 at the moment.

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You are logged into reality as ‘root’ logging in as ‘insane’ is the only safe option.

wireless – Ralink RT network adapter – Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

Still this version uvuntu not tested by me but I am happy if you leave a comment about your experiences. All this stuff reminds me of the early days I was using debian and to waste hours and hours for some idiotic work, that should have been ralink rt2870 ubuntu over a Gui.

They seem to be dropping it. Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Did you installed the drivers and removed the old one as described here?

Sometimes, real fast is almost ralink rt2870 ubuntu good as real time. This is the most aggravating problem I have ever come across! October 10, at 4: The lsmod will list the kernel modules that got loaded at boot – we can use this to see 1 if there is a conflicting module 2 if a needed module is not getting loaded.


Has anybody made this network adapter work ralink rt2870 ubuntu in ubuntu? Could you give me some direction?

I am limited to G only with 9. I have the wifi adapter plug in, but nothing happens Router is also A OK Any ideas? Write those 2 commands down in case it happens again when you get your next kernel update. Anyway; I found no bug in the in-kernel drivers.

I have ra0 listed as my ralinj device, and Ralink rt2870 ubuntu can bring it up and down, but I can not set the power level ralink rt2870 ubuntu transmit power. The command lsusb still does not show my usb adapter. It still works after numerous boots. Post it on our forum!


I’ve ralink rt2870 ubuntu other things using commands before but the instructions on the readme file that came with it are ubunth confusing. The problem was about usb. I found the driver section for the rt but I still can’t find the instructions.


Thank you for the information in this post. I updated the links to the official Ralink rt2870 ubuntu drivers as version 2. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

At least the Linux companies like system76 and linuxcertified.

Ralink RT network adapter – Ubuntu

The time now is October 6th, 8. Resource temporarily unavailable E: I accidentally happened to delete ibuntu piece of data on my computer, so I installed debian 6. Its enough to just blacklist rtusb and ralink rt2870 ubuntu driver works!

But I still could do web searching and so on. Now the source for the Ralink rt2870 ubuntu driver needs to be downloaded from the Linux support page of Ralink Technology.