Proper swing position includes the following. Now, on to ball position, the most overlooked aspect of iron setup. Hold the driver with a relaxed grip. The golf ball must start in one of three directions, straight toward the target, pushed to the right or pulled to the left. The correct finish ends with the body weight primarily on the front foot, the club behind you, and your head, chest and belt buckle facing the target. Hands near the back shoulder. What to watch out for:

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Less than ten percent of the golfing population hit a draw. How to Swing Like the Greats. The target line is an imaginary line that runs from the target through the golf ball. Read our Privacy Policy. While players search for methods to improve their game they proper stance for hitting a propeer on techniques that allow them to shape their shots.

A relaxed grip lets the club turn over easily in your hands. This is a poor position to proper stance for hitting a from and will cause balance problems as you stride forward and swing the bat. Front elbow down and in.

The proper position proper stance for hitting a every iron should be directly over your rear shoulder at the top of your backswing. Most irons require a descending blow, which means the lowest part of the swing arc is reached after you make contact with the golf ball.


Hitting – Batting Stance Balanced In order to have a balanced swing, you must begin with a balanced stance. Your grip may be too strong.

Hitting – Batting Stance

Your weight should be shifted slightly to have more on your back leg than your front. Tension tween the upper and lower body. First, holding the elbow up provides a strong shape in the arms for which the bat can rotate.

Practicing this alignment on the driving range is important in finding the correct angle for proper stance for hitting a golf swing. As we move forward in the lessons we’ll see that the lower half will provide us with the power we need in our swing.

Five Fundamentals Of Iron Play – Golf Tips Magazine

During the first two inches of your takeaway, the club should travel straight back. One of the essential shots is a proper stance for hitting a draw that cheats wind and delivers extra yardage rolling down the fairway. With longer irons, allow for a slower wrist cock. How to Put a Draw on the Ball. Most players will take a few slow practice swings or have rhythmic movements in preparation to hit.

Also, notice how I keep my rear shoulder proper stance for hitting a lower than the one closer to the target. This will help you get a feel for what it means to turn toward the target as opposed to sliding toward the target on the poper.


Green holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska. Overstriding is a very common mistake and common for players that start with their feet too close together.

This should cause the ball to fade. Key Points to Remember: Many recreational players attempt to generate power with their arms. This loading sequence does not allow for proper use of the kinetic chain, momentum, or good direction in the swing.

Practice a few takeaways until you reach this position without thinking about it. David Wright Swing Like the Greats. Feet When using a driver, setting your feet properly is the first step to a correct stance. Correct posture, alignment, balance, stance proper stance for hitting a width apart are a few of the tools you’ll want to practice on the range first.

If your feet are too close together in your stance it can cause a number of problems including a difficult time keeping your head level, keeping your hltting back during the stride, timing the pitch, and adjusting to proper stance for hitting a pitches.