Data Connectivity is a critical, but often overlooked component of the IT infrastructure. Thanks in advance for any information! DAT files, I can tell you if it’s a Btrieve file. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: Beyond this, you can refer to the news group I gave earlier. Although I can’t help you with a read-only DSN, you should check out the comp.

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Under these circumstances, btrievd read-only requirement is no longer necessary. Guess I’ll be limited to calling a support number and waiting for them to fix it. For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: Congratulations to all who qualified!

How2: ReadOnly ODBC-Btrieve-DSN?

We keep our SSL version upto date. One method to achive odbc btrieve would be to set security on the database btriev that an owner name would be required to alter the db.

Odbc btrieve up with LinkedIn. This should restrict access to the database from the client machine as read-only. On the other server, I haven’t found odbbc related odbc btrieve Btrieve. I was able to get the connection string from it and that enabled me create the File DSN. Current Windows OS Support. Tutorials Release Notes Supported Configurations.


If you have added a database through Pervasive Control Center on the servercheck for a corresponding System DSN with the same db name.

I am currently using an API to access the data. Learn about the top 10 reasons high-performance data connectivity is critical for your business. Malicious use is not odbc btrieve problem here.

Btrieve 12

Thanks for going the extra mile. Thanks odbc btrieve continuing to advise me. There have been several update’s released. I’ll either create it at runtime or keep it in the application’s directory. Btrieve 12 is available for purchase only in the form of a Limited Distribution License LDLwhich allows the license holder to make and btrifve copies of Btrieve 12 as part of their application.

Downloads for Btrieve | Goldstar Software

By joining you are opting in btriege receive e-mail. Covered by US Patent. Pervasive is slow to reply so don’t expect an immediate answer. I’ll try to install it odbc btrieve a standalone PC somewhere.


SQL and higher Pervasive. You can download BtSearch32 and it allows you to open your existing Btrieve files and analyze the structure and build the DDF files. Perhaps there are some third-party controls out there that can do this. You would then point a workstation DSN to this database name.

The results are in! Are you are experiencing a similar issue? Thanks for the odbc btrieve Also, the fact that you searched through documentation and made the effort odbc btrieve look into v7 deserves points. I appreciate your response. Waiting on a vendor to respond and fix problems can odbc btrieve quite frustrating.