Any past experience they have had with syringe drivers The stage of illness they are at and what using a syringe driver means for them for the future, e. Starting the infusion In most cases, a healthcare professional trained in the use of syringe drivers, e. Please check with your local BD representative. The risk of precipitation can be minimised by using sterile water as the diluent and by maximising the total volume of the solution in the syringe, i. Login to my bpac.

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Choice of medicine and prescribing In palliative care, niki syringe may be prescribed for unapproved indications, be administered by an unapproved route or given in doses not seen in routine day-to-day practice.

Niki T34 Syringe Pump

If niki syringe arise with an infusion site the patient may have localised discomfort, or there may be reduced absorption of niki syringe medicine and a loss of symptom control. Weight g Patients can carry it wherever they go. Sterile water is compatible with most medicines with some exceptions, e.

Please select a Capability in order to start your service request. The preferred sites for insertion of the cannula for a continuous subcutaneous infusion are:. Any past experience they have had with syringe drivers The stage of illness they are at and what using niki syringe syringe driver means for them for the future, e. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Once mixed, niki syringe should be observed niki syringe any signs of precipitation or discolouration.

Hospices and residential aged care facilities are likely to have standardised prescribing and administration charts for syringe driver prescriptions. In this issue Obstructive sleep apnoea in adults Sleep disturbances: Managing breakthrough symptoms First check that niki syringe medicines are being niki syringe effectively via the syringe driver. Initially, quizzes are posted out with journals and GPs are invited to submit their answers for CME credits.


Full Alarm Protection Helps prevent events and instill confidence in patients. An initial subcutaneous injection may also be required as a loading dose to manage the patient’s symptoms for the initial two to four hours of syringe driver use until the medicines niki syringe the infusion reach effective blood plasma levels.

Dose Titration Operator or patient can titrate flow rate up to pre-set limit for safe, convenient dose adjustment. Automatically detects the syringe brand using 3 syrjnge sensor system. For example, a patient syringw severe nausea and vomiting that temporarily prevents the use of oral medicines may need a syringe driver to gain control of symptoms.

Monitoring the infusion Patients being cared for at home should ideally have a daily visit from a health professional for review of symptom control and monitoring of the infusion.

If niki syringe, doses should be given through a side port in the syringe driver cannula line niki syringe minimise patient distress.

NiKi T34 Infusion Syringe Pump –

niki syringe Proper nlki of loading the syringe 2. Extra doses of antiemetics and other medicines in the syringe can also be given subcutaneously at the usual dose. It is essential that there is good communication between the people who are niki syringe care and support for the patient and their family this also includes community pharmacy.


In this article What is a syringe driver? This product cannot be ordered at the moment.

The Niki T34 is used in a community setting The lockable, battery niki syringe, Niki T34 syringe driver is the current device available in New Zealand for the continuous subcutaneous administration of medicines in a community setting.

Normal niki syringe is also compatible sydinge most medicines with some exceptions, e.

In many cases, it will be the family who become aware of any issues with the niki syringe itself or that the medicines are not controlling the patient’s nii. The palliative care handbook. A syringe driver is useful niki syringe the oral route of administration is not possible and repeated subcutaneous doses are inappropriate, ineffective or impractical.

For patients who have not been on opioid medicine for niki syringe, an example of an initial starting dose would be 10 mg morphine subcutaneously over 24 hours. In most cases, a healthcare professional trained in the use of syringe drivers, e.

When and how to use a syringe driver in palliative care

Although medicines can also be administered by other routes, such as rectal or sublingual, a niki syringe advantage of a continuous subcutaneous niki syringe is that any peaks and troughs of intermittent delivery methods are avoided Table 1. Comments There are currently no comments for this article.

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