The sound is not as bad as the previous Nike square driver and the ball does fly out there. It absorbed most of the impact but it still retained the feel of last years Nike SQ. I was on vacation in Arizona and slipped away from the family and played 18 holes of golf at a really nice course. With convenient shipping options, you can have your choice of Nike SQ drivers delivered directly to your home. Nike SQ SasQuatch 9. We want to know how you get on with them by submitting a user review.

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If your interested in this club, I recomend you go hit it and try nike sq sumo 5300 square for yourself. It handles off center hits like a champ and sweet spot ticklers sound like screaming angels from the heavens. The second thing is the sound it makes – unlike anything else I’ve ever hit.

If it was absolutely perfect it would feel like the Great Big Bertha on impact.

The Deep Rough | Nike Sumo2 and Sumo Tour Product Brochure

I felt like I was playing softball all day long. Some may find this annoying, but I like it! The only draw aq would be the distance and the noise.

Nike SQ Tour 9. Tour issue No serial Tiger Woods old specs 8. This driver goes longer, and straighter than any other driver I have ever hit, the last 2 rounds Nike sq sumo 5300 square have played since getting nike sq sumo 5300 square, I have yet to miss a fairway, i’m not talking just off the fairway in the rough, I’m talking 5 yards one way or the other of the midd le of the fairway.


Sumo 2 Left — Nike sq sumo 5300 square Right. We want to know how you get on with them by submitting a user review. Good condition with normal use. The guys I play with, noticed the difference right off the bat.

That said you will soon learn squar there is no need to force this club.

We both immediately noticed that the majority of off center hits went considerably straight, as in one that went right slowly pulled left and back on track. Skip to main content. Previous clubs owned and own.

Nike SQ Dymo Driver This is a Nike Squqre driver. As soon as I got home, I bought one off eBay. Unfortunately for me my family has been known for having bad knees.

Nike SasQuatch SUMO Squared Driver | Discount Golf World

It was like hitting a corrugated box at impact with no resonance. Nike SQ Tour Issue 8. However, I do know I hit it long and straight whenever my ears are ringing after a swing. We got your report. If you’re already a straight hitter, I doubt the SUMO nioe will deliver more length to nike sq sumo 5300 square established accuracy.


Nike Sumo 2 square driver on test

There are a lot of great clubs on the market. I sold it on Ebay and went back to my Titleist Media Reviews Today’s Golfer.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo 2 driver Finally nike sq sumo 5300 square up and all was hush knowing I had better hit this driver well or else listen to 20 guys yell and heckle. Nike sq sumo 5300 square marks; a few The only thing is if you swing extremely fast the club will float due to design. The impact noise imagine hitting the roof of a Robin Reliant with a baking tray takes a bit of getting used to — for you and your partners — but the results more than make up for that inconvenience.

At Torrey Pines, had a Titleist T, which I thought would be awful for me, but after a few nime, I was crushing the ball dead straight. This club has a