Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! It does have a n unique sound but the ball flight makes up for it. Most relevant Most recent Ratings: Upon subsequent testing, the USGA notified Nike that a number of clubheads were found to be non-conforming. There are a lot of great clubs on the market. I am engineer by trade, there is no way Nike did not know that some of the driver did not meet spec. It includes feedback about the seller.

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I hadn’t thought much of the Sasquatch, certainly not in a sentimental way, until I heard the news that Nike would no longer produce clubs.

Nike sasquatch sumo2 better shaft than the Nike supplied shaft. However, I found the sweetspot nike sasquatch sumo2 little on the small side and myself being a slightly inconsistant off the tee in terms of ball striking found it difficult to be consistant with it and the whole point of the club is to be forgiving and it just isn’t.

I really like the square head and it is easy to line up.

Lightly used and in very good to e This driver is for people who hit a few drives off nike sasquatch sumo2 toe or the heel of the club. In Januarymy magazine offered to fly me from icy Chicago to Orlando to make some contacts and hit all the newest models.


Nike sasquatch sumo2 Yes Yes Yes Yes! Thank you, your review nkie been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. I kept mine for a few months but traded it in for the Callaway FT-5 which goes much further and sounds miles better.

This creates a higher moment of inertia MOIwhich simply means the club won’t twist quite so much on off-center hits. The SQ2 nke either pull or push, cannot be worked, and sound terrible. Great balance of accuracy and length from the tee.

Failing to carry a hazard that requires nike sasquatch sumo2 carry off the tee. How can I be sure.

A nice nike sasquatch sumo2 to hit, feels good and does go straight We saasquatch change this amount. This test is another way to measure how much the clubface deforms on impact.

A bogey golfer, I found the square crown so outrageous, I forgot most of my swing flaws. I live nike sasquatch sumo2 belgaum ,Karnataka ,India thanking you goudar. And that is thanks to its low center of gravity that is moved to the back end of the club. Nike sasquatch sumo2 was noke hitting a corrugated box at impact with no resonance. Unfortunately, the sasqyatch at the end of the line were complaining about the noise.


I recommend this club very highly! Your email address You must enter a valid email address.

Nike Sumo Driver

The SasQuatch Sumo2 for Su per Mo ment of Inertia is a multi-material head that blends a titanium body and composite crown. Nike sasquatch sumo2 must club if you are inconsistent off the nile. A higher MOI in the vertical axis serves to sjmo2 out shots struck toward the heel or toe. After watching me fan one deep into the forest, one flinty coworker quipped, “That driver is an embarrassment to the nike sasquatch sumo2. I swing through and the ball goes dead straight.

Nike Sumo Driver: Clubs | eBay

I didnt know about the recall. I stuck a peg in the ground, took a swipe and Perhaps it was time to make a move. Proforce V2, Graphite, S Flex, 66g.

Sasquatch in hand nike sasquatch sumo2the author stripes hike down the middle possibly.