However, as you can see, there is still room for much improvement. E xternal DVD writers often serve as an indispensable backup unit for multiple PCs in a concentrated environment, and are equally beneficial for off-site use since they are portable. While a little short on words, there are a few large diagrams showing what to do. Interestingly, none of LG’s internal Super Multi drives sport the same set of specifications as these external units. Since POF errors are uncorrectable, we really don’t want to see any of them at all.

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While this doesn’t have any effect on movie playback, there are faster drives out there if you want to backup your movie collection. Though this means a time saving of a couple lg super multi dvd rewriter gsa-2166d minutes in real world use, it should only be of utmost concern for those who can afford the expensive speedy dual layer media. For this test I made a copy of a pressed test CD. This is not really a downside considering how much more widespread the USB interface is and in fact helps to reduce costs instead of having both interfaces.

By looking at the screenshots above, you can see that LG’s new drive starts writing at about 6. If you have autorun enabled, the menu pictured below will automatically come up when you insert the disc. Nevertheless, the drive was fairly quick when reading DVD’s. In both cases, the quality was set to “best”.

More importantly, the guide contains a set of instructions that take you step by step through the installation process. Fuji 48x Taiyo Yuden. The results were better with the lg super multi dvd rewriter gsa-2166d.


External Super Multi DVD Rewriter LG GSAD

The Movie on DVD. While this looks nice, finger prints and smudges have a tendency to stand out. Most of the specs below have been taken from LG’s website and the guide that came with the drive.

Reading recordable media wasn’t a problem for the GSAD either.

Since POF errors are uncorrectable, we really don’t want to see any of them at all. If you look at the advanced features, you can see that the GSAD was able to read the CD-Text, subchannel data and even the lead in and lead out sections of the CD.

PowerProducer also allows you to set chapters within the video content and add your own custom menus, backgrounds, fonts and titles. The drive’s region can lg super multi dvd rewriter gsa-2166d changed five times and after that it cannot be changed anymore.

Using the bundled software you can both create and burn LightScribe disc labels. Until rewrite, there were very few options, unless you wanted to shell out thousands of dollars for a certified test machine.

By looking at the screenshot, you can see that the drive considered only Branded under their Super Multi series and thanks to their strong marketing, LG is the most prominent name that supdr to mind when it comes to such drives.

Take a look below. Unfortunately, a patched RPC-1 firmware is not yet available for this drive. The higher the quality, the longer the process will take.


LG 16x External Super Multi DVD CD Rewriter USB 2.0 Lightscribe GSA 2166d

This program queries the drive to see what its reading and dgd capabilities are. With no jumpers to worry about, it was as simple as connecting the USB cable, plugging in the power cable, and powering the drive on. CD DAE is actually designed to be an audio ripping program.

gza-2166d This new version also adds features like DivX playback, audio time stretch and support multo CyberLink’s new Eagle Vision technology. Exact Audio Copy can lg super multi dvd rewriter gsa-2166d us a lot about a drive’s capabilities. The disc is While the GSAD’s overall score wasn’t as high as some of the other drives, it had some very good transfer rates. On top of that, it was able to rip audio CD’s at an impressive 47x.

The drive read our test disc from start to finish, reaching a maximum transfer speed of At the time of this review, this is the only official firmware available for the GSAD. While Lg super multi dvd rewriter gsa-2166d, memory, OS and other variables don’t often make a huge difference, there are some nonetheless.