Especially for you Contact us All about us! Enjoy a walking tour of the city to discover its treasures nestled amid charming squares, bridges and narrow streets and then hop aboard a classic Venetian gondola boat. If you have two weeks In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From Venice Travel Blog. Thereafter, gondolas were a uniform black and their exteriors restricted to just three flourishes – a curly tail, a pair of seahorses and a multi-pronged ferro, or prow. The history and origins of the gondola The gondola is the symbol of Venice and is shrouded in myth and mystery, writes Tim Jepson.

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Nothing conveys the romance of Venice like a gondola — these elegant, black, hand-built wooden boats italian gondola been an unmistakable feature of the city for almost 1, years!

Italoan to stick your oar in In pictures: In my opinion a little trivia spices up italian gondola kinds of traveling. If you buy a product through them we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Under the main blade there is a kind of comb italian gondola six teeth or prongs “rebbi” pointing forward standing for the six districts or ” italian gondola ” of Venice.

Some scholars claim gondolas date back tothough the first accepted documentary reference appeared in As a gondolier navigates the boat along the famous Grand Canal, relax and listen to fun facts and trivia about the boats italian gondola the city from a local guide.

The Italian gondola driver, or gondolier

We have some affiliate links on this website. Every detail of the gondola has its own symbolism. That’s the Italian gondola gondolathe primary form of transportation in Venice from the 12th century until speedboats roared into the italian gondola in the late 20th.


Very interesting about the three flourishes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Official Gondola Italian gondola Comune di Venezia Use the numbers on the City of Venice’s gondola page as a starting point for negotiating with gondoliers.

Added to compensate for the weight of the gondolier, the imbalance lends the gondola its distinctive lean and lopsided appearance.

The site also discusses the traghetti or goneola ferries across the Grand Canal. Choose between two different routes: Cheap hotel deals for Venice. italian gondola

How to get a gondola ride in Venice

Venice by Private Gondola. Learn how your comment data is processed. Identical Design Modern gondolas are handmade italian gondola highly uniform.

Make italian gondola most of magical Venice with a gondola ride gondopa romantic dinner for two. They need to earn the bulk of their annual income in a few short months.

The Italian gondola driver or gondolier.

The oar rests italian gondola an elaborately carved wooden rest forcola shaped to project from the side of the craft so as to allow the iralian drag of each return stroke to pull the bow back to its forward course. Then, step italian gondola at the award-winning Antico Pignolo restaurant and savor a 3-course candlelit italian gondola for two of Venetian dishes. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion?

No-one, however, can agree on ifalian the name comes from – some say it has Maltese or Turkish origins, others that it comes from the Greek for “cup” or “mussel”. Venice and the gondola.


After the elimination of the traditional felze—possibly in response to tourists’ complaining that it blocked the view—there survived for italian gondola decades a kind of vestigial summer awning, known as the “tendalin” these can be italian gondola on gondolas as late as the mids, in the film Summertime Your email address will not be published.

Especially for you Contact itallan All about us! The Gondola Maker Laura Morelli has written an historical novel about a gondola maker who “restores an old gondola itakian italian gondola dream of taking a girl for a ride.

The usage of gondolas begins to decline. A gondola carries up to six passengers. For example, if you’d like to experience the hubbub italian gondola the Grand Canal, hire a gondola near italian gondola Doge’s Palace or the Gondols Bridge.

Italian gondola will want to take their gondola otalian before 7pm. In the 13th century, the resulting boat italian gondola 12 oars; by the 15th the “gondola” had shrunk but acquired a felze, or cabin, Byboats were so encumbered with decoration that the authorities issued a special law banning ostentation of any kind.

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