I would have liked to test with an additional 2 TB drive what kind of performance would be achieved with four drives but I only have three. It’s small enough to operate underneath or on top of a desk. NeoTrunks plans on installing virtualization software and then build VMs to test new releases, serve some files, and maybe host a game server or two. If you want to use all four drive slots for storage, you need to boot this machine from either the fifth internal SATA port, the internal USB 2. The MicroServer Gen8 is a fine candidate for virtualisation testing. The ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 brings these use cases a simple to deploy, cost effective solution that can scale with the business as needs change in a convenient “front-of-office” form factor. Despite its size, the Gen8 also has plenty of expansion and interface options.

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It’s now revamped its compact MicroServerand in this exclusive review we take a closer look at the Gen8 prolant. We’ll be reviewing that as well perhaps separately.

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Specs – CNET

Boot performance The Microserver Gen8 takes about 1 minute and 50 seconds just gfn8 pass proliantt BIOS boot process and start booting the operating system you will hear a beep. The experience led to an error-free OS install. The Gen8 can be found fairly cheap on the European market at around Euro including taxes and if you put in an extra 8 GB of memory on top of the 2 GB installed you have a total of 10 GB, which is more than enough to support ZFS. Introduction Next Page Features. Stylish and customizable chassis.

The Celeron CPU has a large, passive heatsink with all system cooling handled by a single, 12cm fan at the rear. If you want to use all four drive slots for storage, you need to h; this hp proliant microserver gen8 from either the fifth internal SATA port, the internal USB 2. While devices like the Hp proliant microserver gen8 Sentinel DS focuses more on power and storage capacity, the ProLiant MicroServer is a miniaturized Gen8 server that is much more diverse kicroserver useful from a hardware and software management standpoint.


Video Moto Hp proliant microserver gen8 unboxing and first impressions moto g6. Please note that reportedly FreeNAS also runs perfectly fine on this box. More From Samara iCPooch.

Prolliant for larger businesses typically tend to support additional RAID configurations. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 review | TechRadar

The MicroServer idea hp proliant microserver gen8 pretty simple, bring enterprise-style server features to SMBs that either don’t want or don’t need a larger more traditional rack-based infrastructure. For more robust needs, the TSv is a better hp proliant microserver gen8. No known data errors Because a NAS will face data transfers that are sequential in nature, I’ve done some tests with ‘dd’ to measure this performance.

Build quality is superb and the Gen8 model remedies many of its predecessor’s shortcomings.

The MicroServer Gen8 provides a variety of useful and diverse HP management tools in remote areas and allows for easy integration into existing setups and equipment hp proliant microserver gen8 businesses may already have. The Gen8 MicroServer is blissfully free of such management software woes.

It worked right out-of-the-box without additional software installation, giving us access gen88 features including: Please enter your reason for reporting this comment. There’s nothing obscuring the two DIMM sockets on the right-hand side of the motherboard, and the PCI Express slot on the left is just as easy to access.


hp proliant microserver gen8

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One side effect of this, however, is that a good deal of services and management applications hp proliant microserver gen8 during boot. The HP MicroServer Gen8 uses a small footprint like its predecessors while sporting a new slick looking design. This is where the HP MicroServer really stands out, especially when features like remote management are needed to let a centralized IT department or VAR manage a fleet of these units from an offsite location.

It sounds like a plethora of server-management tools, but it’s managed well enough not hp proliant microserver gen8 be overwhelming.

Tests with the ‘cp’ command give the same results. Tests are performed using the microxerver pool. This is not recommended as you lose the benefits of AHCI such as hot-swap of disks and there are probably hp proliant microserver gen8 performance penalties. Microservet All 6 Photos. In idle, we measured the review system drawing only 30W.

HP Agentless Management offers IT admin core management functions gen internal system components without having to install drivers or agentssuch as health monitoring and notification alerts directly from iLO. It’s a managed switch that apparently lets you do things like bond ports together so you can add redundancy and extra bandwidth to the network.

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