For example, if an index on the upper-case version of a column is required, create a computed column with the upper-case version of the original column, and create an index for this column:. In some cases, only one connection to a in-memory database is required. Shared locks and exclusive locks are supported. Multithreading Support This database is multithreading-safe. MVCC is disabled by default when using the PageStore storage engine which is the default in version 1. This feature doesn’t work with in-memory databases.

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If the original process died for example due to a power failure, or abnormal termination of the virtual machinethen the port databzse released.

After creating a string, it will remain in the main memory of the computer at least until it is garbage collected. By default, MySQL calls fsync hh2 each commit.

H2 Database Engine

If a connection wants to reads from a table, and there is no write lock on the table, then a read lock is added to the table. The default method for database file locking for version 1.

If the lock file exists, and the lock method is ‘file’, then the software switches to the ‘file’ method. If an application is multi-threaded, it obdc not need to worry about synchronizing access to the database.


The IP address and port of the server are stored in the file.

H2 Database Query Tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux

For those cases, the automatic closing of the database can be disabled in the database URL. The database allows multiple concurrent connections to the same database. Block cipher mode of operation Salt Random number to increase the security of passwords.

Read Only Databases in Zip or Jar File To create a read-only database in a zip file, first create a regular persistent database, and then create a backup. Calling fsync flushes the buffers.

Shared locks and exclusive locks are supported. There are several versions that refer to the release date: In reply to this post by Paul-5 On Thursday, May 20, 4: Each Java method must have a different number of arguments. In addition to the built-in functions, this database supports dattabase Java functions. Instead, the B-Tree index is used.

In this case, the file is deleted and atomically created again.

To allow remote connections, use -pgAllowOthers when starting the server. A way to create good passwords that can be remembered is: To get the 2nd server in the connection list one uses getClientInfo ‘server1’.

ODBC doesn’t connect

H2 Database Conversion Tools. Usually, the scale is converted and 0s are added if required. If you size this to your working set correctly, compressed storage is roughly the same performance as uncompressed. Constants can be defined only when literals are enabled, but used even when literals are disabled.

Last Drivers  WLG-1101 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7

Use -baseDir to save databases in another directory, for example the user home directory:.

It’s possible to connect to an embedded H2 database via ODBC? – CodeProject

NET interface is available in the open source project H2Sharp. The following file locking methods are implemented: File encryption slows down the performance of the dattabase engine. When using one of those methods, only around 60 write operations per second can be achieved, which is consistent with the RPM rate of the hard drive used.

However, the watchdog thread does use very little resources CPU timebecause it waits most of the time. There are two methods algorithms implemented to provide both security that is, the same database files cannot be opened by two processes at the same time and simplicity that is, the dagabase file does not need to be deleted manually by the user. The list is currently: Servername daabase The server name or IP address.