This page was last edited on 15 January , at Comment 54 Josh Boyer When you close it the speed doesn’t stay at the point where you set it to. Would really like to see this patched upstream in a kernel update so I don’t have to keep rebuilding the kernel each time. It recognizes properly and works great with this psmouse module: Andrew, if you could test any other rawhide kernel to see if it is these specific patches causing he issues, that would be appreciated. I am sorry to report that this kernel makes NO difference.

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Fedora 26 Linux to Retire the Synaptics Driver for a Better Touchpad Experience

What brand and model do you own? Can we have a kernel build with this patch before upstream merge it? Retrieved from ” https: Fedora alps touchpad do not know if they are using the same patches.

For discussions on fedora alps touchpad setting, please talk to the relevant DE upstream. Comment Feeora A patched kernel would be appreciated: I’m pretty sure I used it as is and didn’t need to perform any jiggery pokey.


Have you had reports of any successes on this model with your patch from: Thank you so much!! It recognizes properly and works fedora alps touchpad with this psmouse module: How do I get around that? Comment 24 Josh Boyer Comment 8 Josh Boyer Odd regression as it worked fine on F I’m willing to carry something out of allps for a while assuming it: Open fedora alps touchpad terminal window and find out the ID of the touchpad: Again I would like to mention that it is possible to get this version of the Alps touchpad recognized and scrolling to work!

Keep in mind the fix from http: I’m fedoa an E with the intel driver on fc18 so I’d want to test this kernel but I can’t fedora alps touchpad your build. This wiki page tries to compile the different methods that can be used to enable “tapping” on various desktop environments. Again, thank you so much.

Touchpad support for specific Dell laptops added to Fedora – Dell Community

Your email address will not be published. They should show up with the next submitted update on the stable releases, and in rawhide tomorrow-ish.


fedora alps touchpad Comment 71 Ignacio Casal Quinteiro nacho Comment 59 Sam P I managed to apply them and backport the things alpd didn’t cleanly apply but there are things in these patches that looks just like a cleanup.

They aren’t immediately applicable. Riya Tirole 1 1 1.

Fedora 26 Linux to Retire the Synaptics Driver for a Better Touchpad Experience

If yes, please give me fedora alps touchpad link for it and if no, what should be done? Comment 31 Dawid Lorenz Comment 54 Josh Boyer Device Accel Profile Fedora 26 Fedora Linux Synaptics driver touchpad Linux.

Comment 56 Josh Boyer Yeah, don’t use that. Since Fedora tries to stay as close fedora alps touchpad upstream as possible, we follow the various defaults selected by the desktop environment upstreams.