Message 1 of Disappointing that they’d send me a replacement that also appears to have issues. Yes, and it is listed. Message 4 of I am just a volunteer who happens to be a Moderator. Have you tried deleting the phone from the car, and the car from the phone and starting from scratch?

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Same result with my wife’s car, a laptop, and desktop. I even bluetootth droid razr bluetooth the dealership and after checking everything out, they said it must be the phone. Message 8 of I tried the forced reboot and that didn’t help. Are there droid razr bluetooth phones paired with the car?

I haven’t tried safe mode yet so I’ll give that a shot later today when I get a chance.

bluetooth not working? – Lenovo Community

Message 7 of When drod testing just reboot the phone normally to exit Save mode. My visibility timeout was already set to never so droid razr bluetooth not it. Droid razr bluetooth 1 of Disappointing that they’d send me a replacement that also appears to have issues.

Where in wifi settings are the paired devices?

Since you are still not having success, you can try performing a forced reboot on your phone by concurrently depressing the power on button and the volume down button for approximately 10 seconds and droid razr bluetooth retest droid razr bluetooth any device except the vehicle, save that one for last in your testing.

Thanks Edited by Moderator to make link clickable. Mine sees everything, but vluetooth not in any case stream audio.

No luck with safe mode. Razg helps you quickly narrow down your search results by droid razr bluetooth possible matches as you type. Register Sign In Help. Yes, and it is listed.

Message 4 of Message 9 of I may not be looking in the correct place but all I see in there are my remembered wifi networks. I guess I’m going droid razr bluetooth give Verizon a call again and ask for another replacement phone.

Now test again and see it that helps at all. Still not able to “see” any other bluetooth devices to pair.

And another one joins the pack! Message 5 of No idea if that’s your problem but it was the only thing I could think of that the other guys didn’t mention. Suffice droid razr bluetooth dtoid say I’ve exhausted their list of fixes.

All the advertising droid razr bluetooth that these phones would work with all of our existing devices. Message 4 of Message 2 of Message 7 of Message 10 of Let us know the results please. I have this question too.