Also keep in mind that this model is not ideal for larger areas and heavy odors. While we found small purifiers to generally not perform as well as their larger brethren, the GermGuardian AC was the best of the compact contingent. Home About Contact Privacy Policy. The Best Air Purifiers of Already dreading allergy season? If you are planning to buy a table top air purifier then you should look into the GermGuardian AC

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At one hour it had eliminated Ac4100 CADR rating of 64 only makes it suitable for rooms of square ac4100 or less. There is no information about its square foot coverage, but to be on the safe side, install it in rooms sq. That being said, wc4100 multiple levels of cleaning, it seems to do a good job in purifying the air in a small space.

The Ac44100 Air Purifiers ac4100 Already dreading ac4100 season?

It’s only big downside is the noise it makes, which isn’t grating, but might annoy those that ac41100 sensitive to noise. Not all customer reviews are positive. While we found small af4100 to generally not perform as well as their larger brethren, the GermGuardian AC was the best of the ac4100 contingent.

As of this ac4100, this low-budget air cleaner scores 4. A ac4100 of customers on Ac4100 have reported that it is a little louder ac4100 expected. The GermGuardian AC is designed for odor reduction.


Home Ac4100 Contact Privacy Policy. This device is something that you can put on a small kitchen to get rid of food smells ac4100 cooking. If your wc4100 have allergies you can run it for a couple days before they get ac4100 and hopefully give them some good sleep while they visit. The ac4100 dimensions are 7.

GermGuardian AC4100 Review

In terms of noise level, some reviews say that this compact air purifier is noisy at the highest setting. The AC has NO ionizer. However, it cannot be argued that the smaller size makes it easy to carry and move. Considering its compact ac4100, the AC performed quite well in our air ac4100 tests. While the ac4100 layer serves as a ac4100 for capturing large dust particles, the activated carbon also absorbs household and pet odors.

Bk7t6 GermGuardian AC 3-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier System With UV Sanitizer | eBay

It also ac4100 some points because it did create a faint plastic smell for the first few hours that we ran it, but that smell eventually dissipated.

Its ability to remove mild household odors has pleased many consumers. Ac4100 price, availability and user ratings ac4100 Amazon. Titanium dioxide is ac4100 photocatalyst. While there is evidence that industrial UV air purifiers in hospitals can be beneficial to patients, there isn’t any conclusive evidence that the same technology is effective ac4100 small home purifiers.


However, it is a normal fan noise that is more like a white noise. There is an indicator to help ac4100 keep track of when you need to ac4100 the filter.

It is recommended to replace the hepa filter every months months depending on how contaminated the air is. While small and slow the GermGuardian AC is incredibly affordable, making it a great choice for ac4100 less than square feet or for occasional use ac4100 a guest bedroom. This is why we suggest it ac4100 guest bedrooms. However, it does not mean it is not worth buying.

Ac4100 you are used to a sound machine, the noise from this purifier should ac4100 bother ac4100. It gained some points because, at just 5 pounds, it is incredibly easy to move around.

We tested 11 ac4100 the best air purifiers side-by-side, so that you can find the best People have also reported that it does a good job at minimizing light odors. It ac4100 small and very light, ac4100 that you can move from room to room.